Peter Ho sat down with Alex Witcpalek, the CEO and founder of Continuum. The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by Continuum, as well as the strategies and values that have contributed to the company’s success.

Alex’s background is an important starting point as it provides context for his approach to leading Continuum. He discusses his transition from commercial real estate to the technology and software industry, highlighting his vision for driving change and making an impact. His experience in leading organizations and scaling businesses becomes evident as he narrates his journey through different companies and industries, demonstrating a deep understanding of supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing. Furthermore, Alex’s approach and focus on intentional culture and leadership convey a sense of purpose and direction in his management style.

The conversation highlights the unique value proposition of Continuum, which is a B2B reverse logistics platform for the supply chain. Alex explains how the company is solving the challenge of manual, paper-based processes in the industry and how they are leveraging AI to streamline operations and provide a better customer experience. He also emphasizes the importance of market insights and strategic alignment to understand and act on the needs of different industries.

The challenges faced by Continuum are also discussed, especially the need to focus on the right areas for investment and growth. Alex’s approach to managing these challenges reflects the complexities of scaling a business and the need for strategic decision-making in terms of geographical focus, target markets, and technology investments. His insights into these challenges reflect a pragmatic and well-considered approach to growing a startup in a competitive market.

Several key themes emerge from the conversation, including the significance of intentional culture, the importance of market insights, the challenges and opportunities of scaling a startup, and the strategic use of AI and technology.



00:00:46 – Journey from Real Estate to Tech: A Conversation with Alex Witcpalek

00:04:26 – Optimizing B2B Reverse Logistics Processes

00:07:10 – Efficient supply chain integration for all ERP systems

00:09:56 – The Industry Returns Challenge: Scalable Technology.

00:14:11 – The importance of speed in business

00:16:54 – The Role of AI in Business Strategies: Insights & Perspectives

00:19:28 – The Importance of Winning Mindset: From Football to Corporate Culture

00:21:16 – Leading with a Growth Mindset & Team Culture: The 3 B’s

00:23:02 – Cultural pillars and corporate culture: The importance of buy-in

00:25:30 – Strategic growth and product orientation

00:28:09 – Value of Customer Conversations for Product Development

00:29:52 – Book recommendations for founders and entrepreneurs

00:32:07 – The challenges of market entry and expansion

00:35:11 – Connect with Alex Witcpalek on LinkedIn


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