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In a recent interview, Peter Ho sat down with Jeff Perlman, the founder of Bright Power—a premier provider of energy and water management services for real estate owners, investors, and operators. The interview provides insight into Perlman’s journey, the company’s services, and the challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry.

Perlman introduces Bright Power as an organization that focuses on bringing renewable energy and energy efficiency together for both existing and new buildings, primarily in the apartment building sector. The company offers services such as energy scorecards, utility bill-based energy management systems, and professional engineering and technical services to help building owners identify and implement energy-saving projects.

One of the key takeaways from the interview is the importance of finding incentives and subsidy money to make the economics of sustainable energy solutions attractive. Perlman emphasizes the significance of customizing services to fit the needs of building owners and the importance of establishing a solid market fit for their offerings.

The conversation also touches on the role of AI and machine learning in making buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable. Although the company is still in the early stages of incorporating AI into its operations, Perlman sees great potential in leveraging AI to enhance their services and make their processes more efficient.

Perlman’s insight into policy issues and incentives at the local, state, and federal levels sheds light on the impact of regulatory changes and programs on the company’s forecasting and business operations. It highlights the importance of staying abreast of policy changes and leveraging available incentives and subsidies to drive the company’s growth and impact in the sustainable energy space.

As Perlman discusses the need for long-term planning and the impact of external factors on the company’s financial forecasting, it becomes clear that Bright Power’s success is intrinsically tied to the changing landscape of policy and incentives in the sustainable energy industry. The company’s ability to adapt and forecast accurately based on this ever-evolving landscape will be critical to its continued success.

The discussion concludes with a reflection on the relevance of Bright Power’s journey and the insights from the interview to the current global push for sustainability and renewable energy. It highlights the challenges and opportunities in the sustainable energy sector and emphasizes the importance of staying adaptable and forward-thinking in the face of evolving policies and landscapes.

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