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In a recent conversation between Peter Ho and Jeff Lambert, the founder of Tiicker, an intelligent software startup, the topic of conversation revolved around Tiicker, a platform that connects individual retail investors with publicly traded companies to offer perks and rewards for stock ownership. The discussion delved into the concept of verified stock perks and shareholder loyalty, with Jeff Lambert highlighting the importance of forming a connection between retail investors and public companies.

Jeff Lambert spoke about the two-sided business model of Tiicker, where public companies desire engagement with retail investors and would like to see them shop and buy their products. Tiicker enables individuals and consumers to discover stocks of brands they might know publicly traded and find rewards for stock ownership in those public companies. He emphasized the significance of creating a connection and a handshake between public companies and retail investors, allowing them to verify their ownership and partake in perks and rewards.

The conversation further delved into the various perks available to shareholders, which can range from discounts on products to special offers and invitations to events. Lambert cited examples such as getting discounts on products like appliances and movie passes, illustrating how perks can offer tangible benefits to shareholders, further strengthening their loyalty to the company.

The conversation also addressed the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to correlate stock investing with lifestyle behavior, allowing Tiicker to introduce public companies and rewards that individuals might not have been aware of based on their interests and portfolios. This AI-backed approach aims to help investors create a stock-based profile and discover publicly traded companies in categories that align with their interests and lifestyles.

The discussion also shed light on the challenges and successes of Tiicker. Lambert outlined the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of dollars linked to brokerage assets and the number of perks added to the platform. He also discussed the diverse marketing strategies, including social media campaigns and direct outreach initiatives, aimed at increasing awareness and engaging retail investors.

Jeff Lambert highlighted the significance of shareholder loyalty programs and the impact they can have on proxy voting. He stressed that by creating awareness and offering perks, retail investors are inclined to vote, making a considerable difference in the voting percentages, thus contributing to a notable shift in the shareholder landscape.

Books mentioned on the podcast

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