Brio360, the consulting firm that accelerates value creation for clients, announced the launch of Season 2 of Value Drivers, a weekly podcast covering topics in financial management, leadership and important technological trend such as artificial intelligence.  Brio360 concluded 2023 with the release of over 30 episodes of Value Drivers.  Launched just over six months ago, Value Drivers interviewed corporate executives, company founders, financiers and thought leaders from different industries and company stages on their journey to drive value creation.

“We are thrilled to have reached this important milestone.  We enjoy the opportunity to connect and learn from the practitioners of value creation.  We are excited to have a great list of guests lined up for Season 2 which is set to premiere in February 2024,”  said Peter Ho, managing partner of Brio360. “I would like to thank the fantastic guests who share with the community their journeys and collective wisdom on value creation.”

Brio360 wants to acknowledge the generous participation of the following guests to help reach this milestone.


Adam Stevenson (Thatch)
Alex Furman(Performica)
Alex Smereczniak (2ULaundry)
Amy Cowperthwait (Avkin)
Andrew Ward (ScorchSoft)
Ari Tulla (Elo Health)
Arthur Querou (Vibe)
Charles Yhap (CleanRobotics)
Damon Magnuski (Acceleron)
Danny He (Soapbox)
David Ure (Inanovate)
Don Muir (Arc Technologies)
Elaheh Ahmadi (Themis AI)
Eric Martin (Monstr Sense Technologies)
Evan Kaylin (Grilla)
Ihar Mahaniok (Geek Ventures)
Jacob Bank (Relay)
Mayank Mittal (BCGX)
Mithat Ulubay (Flora)
Mollie Breen (Perygee)
Monica Landers (StoryFit)
Nicholas Longano (Scuti)
Paul Barnhurst (The FP&A guy)
Paul Dudley (Streamkap)
Paul Rhynard (Wilkinson Baking Company)
Ross Chanin (Artifact)
Sam Fitzroy (Dalia)
Sam Sawyer (Pinnacle Realty Advisors)
Sandeep Kumar Sood (Kunai)
Shane Bigelow (ChampTITLES)
Sherry Zhang (GenoPalate)
Thomas Kunjappu (Cleary)
Tim Cogan (Medcognetics)
Will Nitze (IQBar)
Zwade Marshall (Doc2Doc Lending)



About Brio360

Brio360 is an independent business advisory firm serving CFO offices in the middle-market and emerging growth firms.  Brio360 works closely with clients across industries to create long-term shareholder value by developing robust financial analytics and asking the tough strategic questions.


Value Drivers

Corporate executives, entrepreneurs and authors discuss corporate finance strategies, growth tactics, leadership journeys and other management topics to drive value creation.  Launched in 2023, Brio360 airs new episodes of Value Drivers weekly and is in the top 10% of all podcasts worldwide.   Listen to Value Drivers on all podcast platforms.  Visit Brio360’s website to find out more resources on value creation.

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