Adam Stevenson, founder of Thatch, on solving the healthcare affordability crisis


Show Notes

[01:17]  Adam provided the genesis of Thatch. Paying for healthcare is really painful and complex.  It is painful for the business. It’s painful for the employees.  Thatch is founded to alleviate the pains for employees and employers.

[05:17]  Adam took a deeper dive on how Thatch can help employers and employees. They set a budget, use a bunch of data and visualizations to make it easy for them to know how much to budget, and then everybody on their team gets a debit card that they can use to pay for healthcare the way that they want. They can also pick the health dental and vision insurance that they want directly through Thatch.

[07:43]  Discussion on why Thatch may be able to save money for employers/employee healthcare costs.

[08:28]  Adam discussed the type of companies that can benefit from Thatch.  He believes that the range of companies can vary from startups to mid-size companies.

[10:15]  Discussion on how Adam and his team tailors the product by listening to customer needs

[12:26]  Adam shared with the audience the current the go-to-market approach of Thatch which is primarily through word of mouth by delighting customers.

[15:20]  Economics/revenue model of Thatch is discussed.

[16:44]  Adam discussed his fundraising experience and lessons learnt.

[20:49]  Adam shared with the audience how he handled difficult investor questions.

[21:57]  Thatch’s capital allocation priority is discussed.

[23:33]  Thatch’s management process is discussed.

[25:30]  Continued discussion on Adam’s management philosophy

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Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon by Michael Lewis


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