Paul Barnhurst (The FP&A guy) discusses current trends, challenges and opportunities of FP&A professionals.



Show Notes

[01:28]  Paul discussed his journey of FP&A and his decision to launch an FP&A consulting firm.
[02:58]  Paul shared the type of training services offered by his firm.
[04:26]  Paul took a deeper dive into various training services.
[06:27]  The primary target customers (and potential students) are discussed.
[08:16]  Paul discussed why company can see value and ROI in FP&A training services.
[11:02]  Paul touched on some of the recent developments in Microsoft Excel that are relevant to FP&A.
[12:05]  The importance of people and process are discussed.  Paul provided a quote “I’ll butcher it a little bit, but old processes plus new technology equals expensive broken old processes.”
[15:13]  Paul discussed the key differentiation of his FP&A training services.
[18:08]  Paul discussed some of the recent trends of FP&A tool which aim to enable siloed data and getting the data together in one place so that analysts can provide better insights.
[22:02]  Paul discussed the evolution of FP&A tools.  He broadly classified them into 3 generations: the first being the legacy tools such as Oracle, TM1 etc, the second-generation being Anaplan and the like and finally the latest generation of tools which target a broader segment of the market.
[25:43]  The conversative nature of the CFO’s choice of tools are discussed.
[28:03]  The impact of AI on FP&A (and tools) is discussed.
[31:08]  Paul shared his view on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the FP&A space.
[33:37]  Paul discussed his perspective on key elements of impactful FP&A professionals.

Books mentioned in this episode

Financial Planning & Analysis and Performance Management by Jack Alexander




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