Dr. Tim Cogan discussed how he and his team use AI to flight breast cancer by making the screening process cheaper, faster and more accurate.



Show Notes

[04:53]  Tim explained how AI working together with radiologists can result in quicker turnaround time for screening.
[05:55]  The key differentiation of Medcognetics was discussed.  One thing that set the company apart is its partnership around the world. (data representing different races, ethnicities and demographics)
[08:30]  Tim explained the business/revenue model of Medcognetics.
[09:23]  Discussion on feedback from the medical community/radiologists
[11:43]  Continued discussion on the role of AI in medicine and how they can help (but not replace) physicians
[14:19]  Tim shared his view on current regulation on AI.
[18:02]  Continued discussion on AI regulation and the importance of not creating disparities between different groups of people.
[21:06]  Tim shared Medcognetics’ plan on funding and expansion.
[23:03]  Tim discussed the rationale and motivation behind his books on data science for the younger audience.


Books Mentioned in this Episode

Dune by Frank Herbert



The Martian by Andy Weir



Data Science for Babies by Tim Cogan






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